moments of brilliance (a slippery slope)

Hmm. How do I start this? I always have trouble starting; I don’t want to sound impersonal or distant, but I also want to sound realistic. Anyway, back to the subject (disregarding the fact that I haven’t gotten to yet).

You feel all great when you have a moment of brilliance, but then you see others’, and you probably don’t feel all that special anymore. And then, compared to your m. of b., everything else you’ve done seems ordinary. And you start expecting better stuff from yourself, but if you have too many, everyone else starts expecting them, too. But hopefully, through the raising of expectations, come across the moments more often, thereby raising the quality of the whole, and so on and so forth, forever…

It can be stressful though, if everyone is expecting more from you than your willing to give, and your m. of b.’s don’t come as often as you’d like them to. (Wow this is taking a depressing turn!) then what do you do? It helps to look at why you’re doing something. If you are just doing it for it’s own sake, or for yourself, then just toss aside everyone else’s opinions! They don’t matter that much after a bit of thought.

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