on being a photographer

I had a thought today. Yes, we all have thoughts every day, but this was a particular thought. And it was this: with all the multitudes of photographers, good or not, on the various photo sites: Flickr, Instagram, 500px, etc., how does one get noticed? Even if all the bad shots were weeded away, and only the really good ones left, there would still be millions of photos to weed through. It’s somewhat depressing for someone just starting out, like me. There are so many already out there, who’s going to notice a few more? This leads to a question: who (or what) are you taking pictures for? (Edit 2/7/14: I just realized now that this applies to blogging,too) Because if it’s for others, if you measure a pictures success by how many likes or comments it attracts, good luck, there’s just to many for any one photo to register as anything but a blip. But for those that take photos for themselves, not for money or popularity, for those people, this is the golden age of photography, and it will (probably) only get better from here.

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