First, you guys do realize that if you click on the article and scroll down to the bottom, there is a comment box. I’m saying this now because I want this blog to be less of a monologue, and more of a conversation. So the next few articles will be one or two questions, as a trial run, to see if this will work.

2 thoughts on “Commenting”

  1. Hi Jonathan, I’m from the Pool. Here’s my feedback.

    1) Most of all, I wonder: Is this a photography blog? If so, then I find it not very ‘visually talkative’—if at all (better fix the pic on ‘Another Question’, by the way).

    2) I think this post (July 23, 2014) is confusing (setting up the header this way). There’s love at first sight, and there’s confused away at first sight.

    PS: If you’re 14, then you must be either a born writer, an avid reader, or a hell of a learner. 🙂 Good luck.

    1. Thanks for the advice, I’ll definately consider that. As for the photography, if you mean that there aren’t many pictures, I’m working on that, my computer was wrecked, and I had a bunch of photo sitting on SD cards, waiting to be processed. I went to Tokyo recently, so there will be a few articles, with lots of photos, on that. Thanks again for the advice!

      PS: I read a lot.:)

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