random thoughts: public speaking

I really hate talking in front of people. I usually have figured out perfectly what to say, but it always ends up sounding awkward. I guess it’s the feeling of everyone’s eyes on me. It jumbles my brain. Blogging is a completely different matter entirely. I have basically as much time as I want to compose an article, and when I’m writing it, all I’m doing is typing on a keyboard. The ‘listening’ comes afterward, so no one knows if I have to think for a minute, whereas if I was talking, pausing for more than ten seconds is horrible.

I feel less open typing on a keyboard, though it’s probably the fact that no one sees it; if someone was looking over my shoulder as I was typing it, it would be almost the same. I think it boils down to the fact that when you talk to people, you’re talking to people you don’t have that much time to gather your thoughts. When you type on a keyboard, you’re typing on a keyboard, and you can take as much time as you want.