on being a photographer

One annoying thing about being a photographer is that if I see something cool, or a really spectacular composition, and I don’t have my camera, I mentally kick myself for not bringing my camera. It happens all the time! And sometimes, I start wanting not to see cool stuff or great compositions, because if I don’t see them, I can’t feel bad about not being able to capture them. It’s actually pretty funny if you think about it.

All this makes me want to take a camera everywhere, even if it might hinder my enjoying the place to the fullest. A good by-product of this is that I get photos that I (obviously) never would have if I didn’t bring my camera, such as this one below:

I took this one at a Boy Scout leadership training event at lunch.

It also helps if your main camera (I use a Panasonic G5, not the best example, but still better than even the smallest DSLR) is portable, because if you just take a tiny p&s, you still get frustrated when you reach it’s limits. I guess it all boils down to how you look at it. If your photos are either you job, you might be better off taking your camera everywhere. But if your just a hobbyist, it could be better to leave the camera at home for a while, and let your eye recharge.

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