photography as an art form


I see photography as art. A somewhat controversial topic to be sure. I can definitely see how some people can think otherwise, as easily half of photographers only take pictures as documentation of family, pets, vacations, etc.
(picture of clover)(an art photo)
However, some photos are definitely art, just as much as a painting or poem.


Some points that come up against photos are:
1)That they are infinitely reproducible.

2)That they are easier than paintings to make.


My opinions on these points are:
1)The fact that photos are infinitely reproducible does have an effect on its monetary value, like it or not (I would certainly pay more for something if there were only one than if there were twenty-five with more being made every week); but it shouldn’t have an effect on its value as art.

2)Photos require less manual effort, but the limitations of photography require you to work with what is already there, as opposed to creating an entirely new scene filled with whatever you want, as in painting.


However, art is subjective, and we all have different subconscious views about what is or isn’t art; so take with a grain of salt, because this is just my opinion.


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